Ex Partner Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

2022.01.17 13:56 Alxxandxr3000 Ex Partner Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

Miss you... Moved on. You cannot be saved.
Farewell my dear,
Much love and namesate.
Your friend
Lu x
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2022.01.17 13:56 GeraldineGoehring BezosDoge | Launching soon! | Doxxed Team | Passive income | NFT Series With Utility | Metaverse Casino | Lambo Lottery | Referral System

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2022.01.17 13:56 Special_Koala_222 Loaf of Tommy

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2022.01.17 13:56 ele30006 Black Lightning revisited [Fan Art]

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2022.01.17 13:56 romain34230 Un MacBook Pro M2 14" pour remplacer l'actuel 13" avec Touch Bar ?

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2022.01.17 13:56 Lil-cubcake Four color adamant.

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2022.01.17 13:56 Worth_Departure5491 Balance across multiple cards

I’ve gotten a few emails for balance transfers and I’m thinking about moving things around to take advantage of lower interest rates. I have 3 “active” cards that I either pay the balance monthly or am in the process of using the snowball method to pay off.
Navy Federal More Rewards AMEX - Balance $-52.75 (accidentally overpaid), Limit $5500, APR 16.99% Bank of America Customizable Cash Rewards - Balance $1450, Limit $7000, APR 20.99% Chase Southwest Rewards Priority - Balance $5391, Limit $6000, APR 15.99%
Navy Fed offers no balance transfer fees and is my lowest interest card. I plan on transferring the $1400 BOA balance to my Navy Fed account. (From 20.99% —> 16.99)
I would then transfer the $5300 Chase balance to BOA. Although the interest is pretty high on the BOA (I actually had no idea. I’m certain they raised it in the past couple years) there is a 0% APR balance transfer offer available this month. So That $5300 would go from 15.99% —> 0%. There is a 4% fee (~$215)
I intend to continue using the snowball method and pay the AMEX off in ~2 months and then attack the BOA.
I’ve never done a balance transfer before. Does this plan make sense? Are there any restrictions to balance transfers that I’m overlooking? I’d also like to do a CLI on the BOA Cash Rewards. When would be the best time to do that? I’m thinking right before I do the balance transfer.
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2022.01.17 13:56 NeedSomeBunny2Love How seditious conspiracy charges change the January 6 narrative

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2022.01.17 13:56 paff00 New blog post – "Procedurally Generating Nova Weapons"

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2022.01.17 13:56 FaradaySaint Volcano Erupts Near Tonga, Church is coordinating with government to send aid

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2022.01.17 13:56 enthusiastic_tooth Do you think that would be fun of just me 🤣🖖🏼

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2022.01.17 13:56 Bonus1Fact Despite a startling recent trend in subway crime in @NYCMayor Eric Adams is telling city residents that it is merely the "perception of fear" that is the issue with the major city's transit system.

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2022.01.17 13:56 FantasyFactory149 punting your 1 child into the sun

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2022.01.17 13:56 icb130 Looking for a copy of this textbook

Hoja de ruta cultura y civilización de latinoamérica
Print ISBN: 9781930879607, eText ISBN: 9781930879621,
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2022.01.17 13:56 Reflectinganything What are some good product ideas for a small (temporary) business starting in school (also on a budget)?

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2022.01.17 13:56 Specific-Half6458 This loba skin is so cool!

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2022.01.17 13:56 NewMoneyGuys Turning Point For Plant-Based Meat Market: Big Profits on the Menu!

Turning Point For Plant-Based Meat Market: Big Profits on the Menu! Could the biggest food-industry product launch of 2022 happen in the year’s first week? It’s absolutely possible as a world-famous fast-food chain is unleashing a plant protein option that will threaten the conventional meat industry as we know it.
For a limited time, KFC restaurants throughout the United States will add Beyond Meat’s plant-based chicken to its menus. It’s yet another sign – in case you needed it – that the meat-alternatives movement is truly taking over the nation and ultimately, the world.
This wasn’t a hasty decision, mind you. The launch comes after years of testing from the Yum Brands chain (which owns KFC) and Beyond Meat to create a meat substitute that mimics the taste and texture of whole muscle chicken, like chicken breast.
In other words, these plant-based chicken nuggets will have an even better taste and texture than “real” chicken nuggets, which typically have an unnatural, ground-up consistency. KFC and Beyond Meat actually tested out plant-based chicken at an Atlanta restaurant back in August of 2019, and they sold out their limited supply in less than five hours.
The timing of the launch isn’t an accident, either. It’s January, which is a time for New Year’s resolutions and customers wanting to do something different in their diets, so it’s a perfect time for big restaurant chains to invest in vegetarian and vegan food companies like Beyond Meat.
And frankly, it’s just easier and more cost-effective to produce plant-based nuggets as opposed to conventional chicken nuggets, especially during a time of global supply-chain issues, high inflation in the meat market, and shortages of chicken parts.
It’s good news for health-conscious consumers throughout the nation, and great news for plant-based food producers – and you never know which one of these producers might be the next target for a lucrative collaboration with a famous restaurant chain.

One of the most obvious candidates for a partnership would be Canadian company Boosh Plant-Based Brands Inc. (CSE:VEGI, OTC:VGGIF), which offers family-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free plant-based frozen foods.
Boosh is actually partnering with Beyond Meat to offer co-branded products in stores (as seen in the picture shown above). In a very short period of time, Boosh’s products are already available in more than 400 Canadian grocery stores.
The company is currently advancing its products into the U.S., and of course they can also be purchased online. Plus, Boosh just recently announced that it has begun accepting orders from the food service industry. This sector includes, but is not limited to, providing meals to hotels, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, catering, airlines and more.
Clearly, the market for plant-based substitutes to conventional meat is growing quickly – and high-conviction businesses like Boosh Plant-Based Brands are at the epicenter of an unstoppable movement in 2022. Boosh Plant-Based Foods Inc. is our No.1 stock for 2022.
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2022.01.17 13:56 WeirdNachos Will I be unable to attend?

I applied to many colleges with straight As semester 1, but now in semester 2, my grades have dropped a lot. I have two Ds currently and I am terrified that I will be rescinded. Will these grades actually get me rescinded?
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2022.01.17 13:56 psychoelou What would you consider the most badass move?

Having played for a while, we all have had lucky or just well calculated moments that made for a great outcome. We might even say that it’s badass. Therefore, I would love the community to vote on the most badass thing. What is listed below is only what I have accomplished before and thought « oh shit that’s badass ». If you have an idea of something more badass, feel free to let me know
View Poll
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2022.01.17 13:56 Previous-Let750 Rose Quartz Earrings

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2022.01.17 13:56 romain34230 Jusqu’à -40% sur une multitude de sièges gaming, c’est à la Fnac !

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2022.01.17 13:56 demien88 DJOKOVIC vs AUSTRALIA

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2022.01.17 13:56 Grivet0 18F [chat] [friendship]

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2022.01.17 13:56 startinup I studied the opening line of every New York Times Bestseller in 2021. Here are the results…

It was a lot of work… But it actually ended up leading to some interesting results. First, how did I go about studying this data?
I went through the New York Times Best Seller list week by week, identifying the books I hadn’t included in my list yet and adding them to a long list (100+ books). Then I went through each of the books on the list and recorded data for each: genre, opening line, category (of opening line), primary question raised, secondary questions raised.
After that, I grouped the opening lines by category to see what was common between categories. Then I tallied the category of opening line for each genre to see which types were the most common for each genre.
First, let’s look at the categories. I was able to split all the opening lines into six categories: Action/Danger, Character, Curiosity, Dialogue, Setting, and Statement.
Action/Danger openings contained some sort of high stakes situation and/or were about death, violence, or something morbid.
With one of my favorite opening lines in the whole list, It Ends With Us opens with the line:
“As I sit here with one foot on either side of the ledge, looking down from twelve stories above the streets of Boston, I can't help but think about suicide.”
This clearly creates a sense of impending danger for the viewpoint character and raises the primary question: will she jump?
It also establishes setting details, gives us character information, and creates a sense of sympathy for the character.
Character openings were either describing something that made a character interesting or were bringing you right in with character voice.
For example, It’s Better This Way opens with the line:
“Julia Jones sat at her desk, the divorce papers in front of her, shouting at her to pick up the pen, sign her name, and put an end to this insanity once and for all.”
Immediately, we get a sense of who Julia is. We know she’s at the end of her rope emotionally, yet has avoided signing these papers up until this point. And this leads to the primary question: Will Julia sign?
Curiosity openings were the most general and large category. Many openings in the other categories were written to generate curiosity as well, but that was not their main purpose. Conversely, the Curiosity opening’s primary role was to generate curiosity.
Curiosity openings also often contained a curiosity-inducing phrase, commonly at the end of the sentence. These phrases were written to spark curiosity in the reader.
For example, The Lincoln Highway begins:
“The drive from Salina to Morgen was three hours, and for much of it, Emmett hadn't said a word."
Similarly, legacy opens:
“The first time Adrian Rizzo met her father, he tried to kill her.”
In the first example, the curiosity-inducing phrase is “Emmett hadn’t said a word” and in the second, it’s “he tried to kill her”.
The primary questions raised are, “Why isn’t Emmett speaking?” and “Why did he try to kill her?” respectively.
Dialogue openings are a relatively straightforward category. If the opening line is dialogue, it’s a dialogue opening.
Within this category, I noticed two different types of openings: short/punchy and long/specific.
The short/punchy dialogue openings are usually only a few words and have no dialogue tag. Because there’s no context for the dialogue, the main intrigue comes from wondering who was talking and what they meant by what they said.
For example, Daughter of the Morning Star opens with the line:
"Play me."
The line itself is somewhat intriguing, because it could easily be said in multiple contexts. And the main appeal of this line is the curiosity created by wondering what context this dialogue was said in.
The long/specific dialogue openings are full lines of dialogue with a dialogue tag and/or action beat. Openings of this sort use their greater length to fit another one of the categories; most often Character, Curiosity, or Action/Danger.
For example, The Madness of Crowds opens with the line:
"This doesn't feel right, Patron." Isabelle Lacoste's voice in his earpiece was anxious, verging on urgent.
Despite being a dialogue opening, this opening uses the Action/Danger category to create its main intrigue. At the same time, it promises a spy/police style situation to come.
Setting openings were usually a general description of the setting, without any character description. But they also sometimes contained a character interacting with the setting. In either of these cases, the main focus was on the setting details.
Setting openings were the least curiosity inducing and created the fewest questions. Setting was the category that most often didn’t raise a single primary question. More on that later.
For example, Complications opens with:
“The Louis XVI Hotel on the rue Boissy d'Anglas just off the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris had been closed for renovations for four years.”
From this explanation, we are given a sense of a Parisian atmosphere, and this opening also manages to raise a primary question: “Why are the renovations taking so long?”
The last opening is one you may have already expected, because there are plenty of famous examples. It’s the Statement opening.
This opening revolves around a statement that makes the reader stop in their tracks. The feeling of this category is similar to the curiosity opening, but it leans more toward confusion than curiosity.
Like the curiosity-inducing phrase I talked about with regard to the curiosity opening, this opening sometimes features a one-two punch. The first part of the opening is normal, and the second half ends with something surprising and usually somewhat confusing.
For example, Wish You Were Here opens with:
“When I was six years old, I painted a corner of the sky.”
The first half is especially normal, bordering on cliche. But this normalcy only amplifies the strangeness of the second half.
Just because I like statement openings so much, here’s one bonus example from Leviathan Falls:
“​​First there was a man named Winston Duarte. And then there wasn't.”
Once again, the one-two punch. The first part is normal, and the second stops us in our tracks.
So now that we understand what each category looks like, let’s look at which categories were the most common for each genre.
Fantasy contained 38% Setting and 25% Statement openings. This seems logical. With the setting opening, you are introducing the reader to some element of the new world, and with the statement opening, you are making them feel something is different about this world.
Historical Fiction contained 55% Curiosity and 18% Dialogue openings. When I was doing this research, I had a hard time understanding why Historical Fiction leaned so heavily toward curiosity openings. But eventually, I realized that Historical fiction often contained a secondary genre.
Only three of the books were purely Historical Fiction. Out of eleven, three were Mystery, three were Romance, and two were Sci-fi/Fantasy. This variance explains why it’s hard to pin down the reasoning behind Historical Fiction’s most common openings.
Mystery opened 35% of the time with Curiosity and besides that the categories are pretty evenly split. It opened 18% of the time with Setting, 15% a piece with Character and Dialogue, and 12% with Statement.
Romance opened 33% of the time with Character and 28% of the time with Setting. It makes sense why Romance would open with Character, because it’s basically introducing us to one of the leads from the start.
I haven’t read too many romance novels yet, so I’m not sure why they opened with Setting so often, so if anyone has a hypothesis, I’d be interested to hear it.
Thrillers opened with an even split of 29% Action/Danger and Curiosity. This seems reasonable; sometimes they want to thrust you into the action, and sometimes they want to make you curious.
Horror, Literary, and Sci-fi didn’t contain any clear patterns that results could be drawn from.
One of the most interesting results from this data is how often these openings provoked one primary question. 97 out of 103 openings provoked a primary question, and most also raised secondary questions.
Only two categories contained openings that didn’t provoke a primary question; Setting contained four and Character contained two. Every other category always raised a primary question in their opening line.
One last note, which might sound strange after I’ve just talked about opening sentences for more than a thousand words, is not to obsess over the opening line.
Many of the openings from this list contained interesting opening lines that made me want to read more. However, more than a few contained opening lines that were only so-so.
There could be many explanations for this, but two that come to mind immediately are the effects of series releases and opening context.
Many of the books were part of a long series, and after twenty-plus books, readers likely won’t mind if the opening line isn’t the most intriguing. They are there for the characters and the continued story.
Other books relied on later context to make the opening intriguing. In these books, the opening line was only set up for a later line to draw readers in.
For example, The Red Book opens with the line:
“Lights, camera, action.”
It gives a sense of curiosity about what is being filmed, but compared to some of the other openings, it seems a little boring. However, if we read just two more lines, we get to the curiosity-building part.
The whole passage is:
“Lights, camera, action.
This could mean everything to Latham, it could be his ticket out.
But it could ruin him, too. It could land him in prison.”
As you can see, a really intriguing question isn’t raised until the third line.
One last note on the opening line: it’s been touched on many times, but it is really the most important thing to remember.
The opening line should make readers want to read the next. It should draw them into the story.
I hope you found this research interesting and got some value out of it. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this too.
tldr: I actually made a video about this, so if you’d rather watch than read, here it is: https://youtu.be/Dqy3lkY2yw0
Too long didn’t watch or read (tldwor?): Opening lines are separated into 6 categories: Action/Danger, Character, Curiosity, Dialogue, Setting, and Statement. Each category has a unique style. Opening lines vary by genre. Almost all opening lines raise one primary question in the reader’s mind. All opening lines should make the reader want to read the next line.
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2022.01.17 13:56 TheNelsonJames “Nick’s Lost Luggage” - Being The Elite Ep. 290

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