guess this woman

2022.01.17 13:02 Vhlax guess this woman

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2022.01.17 13:02 Boring_Fishing4380 Is the government allowed to ban me from an exam (after it happened)?

Think of any exam you like that is done in school or uni or wherever. It is centralised and happening in all schools or unis in your state and the government is responsible for the correct registration for the exam.
I registered for the exam thinking I met all the necessary criteria. The government told me four times that I'm allowed to participate. Two times by a normal government worker, two times by the head of said government branch. A signed letter that I'm allowed to participate and everything. And the uni allowed me to take the exam too.
I spent 6 months preparing for the exam. I passed. Then 2 weeks later I get a message from said government branch that there was a mistake and that I didn't meet the necessary criteria to actually participate in the exam so me passing the exam is not valid.
Is this even allowed? I still have their signed letters, from two officials and the uni and I passed the exam.
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2022.01.17 13:02 GameIgniteTV The Settlers NEW 4K Gameplay Trailer

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2022.01.17 13:02 onestaromega After 600 stones shaft, goku black rift. I was so fucking happy and relieved. This was my absolute last multi. And the cherry on top was a dupe Frieza/17. Love that card.

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2022.01.17 13:02 devil5av0cad0 [SRPH31] Gifted myself this for a successful PhD defense and first real job. Looking to pick up Presage next to complement this.

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2022.01.17 13:02 marvelnerd6942069 [Geometry] Can someone check whether this is right or not, and help me figure out what I did wrong if it’s wrong?

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2022.01.17 13:02 cryptocalbot Chance To Win - Crust Shadow (CSM): January 19, 2022 7:02 AM UTC

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2022.01.17 13:02 bughunter47 Anyone else change their paint jobs based on where they are going/doing?

Like say your on Europa, having Artic colors is kind of fitting (white snow, white armor).
In context the EDZ, woodland colors
And in Dares of Eternity anything that makes you not look like a Taken for your teammates to shoot at.
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2022.01.17 13:02 Fel_into Anyone else hyped for the new Dragon age?

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2022.01.17 13:02 Admirable-Air-750 Vital Life Lessons from 25 Stories

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2022.01.17 13:02 Sonderosity Cognitive Dissonance about Voice Training

Detransition was a necessary step in my growth as an individual and to live Authentically. And I got off easy compared to a lot of y’all. No surgeries or dangerous complications from HRT. So I almost feel like I’ve no right to complain.
I’ve been learning ASL and it’s been very enjoyable. Languages of all kinds are fascinating to me. But it dawned on me recently that one of the things I like most about ASL is that I don’t have to speak. In all honesty, I hate my voice…. I hate how it sounds and I hate how it confuses people. I laugh it off but this insecurity has only fed into my agoraphobia. I realized that I would be happy if I never had to voice again in order to communicate.
When I first committed to detransitioning I gave voice training a try. I even tried going to a professional voice coach when I was getting discouraged in my solo practice. Every session, I cried afterwards. I would follow along those YouTube videos of that wonderful trans woman voice coach. So I guess that makes me a trans woman. A female trans woman. It’s fucking hilarious but it also breaks my heart.
And I hate myself for thinking “Why do I need to work so hard to sound like who I am?” Because this is me. My voice may be masculinized, but it’s still my voice.
If I can accept trans women and others who work to develop a feminized voice, then why does it feel so wrong for me to do the same? Am I subconsciously judging them? If I really am not a bigot, then why does it bother me so much to be seen as a trans woman? If I’m so pro-GNC, then why does my voice make me want to tape my mouth shut and never speak again?
So it’s a dilemma…but I cant keep living in avoidance. There’s two choices: Accept my masculinized voice and own it, or put in the hard work to voice train and push through the cognitive dissonance.
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2022.01.17 13:02 rebelialll I miss his grandmother

I've grown fond of his grandmother and I can tell that its mutual. She got sick a while back and wanted me to go visit her but because of the pandemic, I couldn't. I told her that I will visit her soon but that won't happen now and I feel bad. My ex told me that she wanted to contact me after she got the news of us breaking up which makes it even worse.
I'm not her grandson's gf anymore. I don't have a connection with them anymore. Why the hell did I grow so fond of his family? I wish I didn't care about them. I don't miss my ex anymore but I miss his family so much and it hurts.
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2022.01.17 13:02 CaucusInferredBulk How to comprehensively scout your GAC opponent using Omegabot

How to quickly scout your GAC opponent using Omegabot
Now that GAC is much more important to crystal income, I thought I would make a post showing how to use Omegabot to do scouting. Some of you may have seen videos from various twitch/youtube streamers about this tool already. But some people prefer text to read through rather than videos, so here you go. For those who do prefer videos, I've linked a couple of videos at the bottom of this post.
TLDR : Omegabot does gac scouting reports on Discord. If this post is too long for you, just try the bot out. Most of it you can figure out, then come back here to see the answers to questions you might have.
Omegabot has a scoutgac feature that pulls data from .gg and displays multiple weeks of data in image/html formats. While this data is already available in .gg, .gg presents it per round so would require quite a few page views to gather this data, and then a human/spreadsheet to summarize it. (Note, I work closely with the .gg developers, and pass through a sizable portion of my patreon subscriptions to them. Thanks for the data Sep!)
Omegabot is available on many guild/community servers, or can be invited to your own discord servers. The command to scout gac is : /scoutgac. Fill out your opponent's ally code, the date range/scout type you want to query against, and a report will pop out. Full access to the report requires a patreon subscription, but a significant portion of the report is available for free.
You can also run the report against yourself, to see what teams are working for you, which counters you should practice, what teams are consistently getting undersized that you should stop putting on defense, etc.
My server where you can use omegabot :
My Patreon :
Link to invite Omegabot to your discord :
A full command to run omegabot scout looks like the following. The discord client should prompt for the parameters automatically. If you register your account with omegabot, you can omit the selfallycode.
/scoutgac enemyallycode:123456789 scouttype:Current yourallycode:123456789
There are multiple choices available for scout type.
"Current" will run whatever the current season is. Last5v5 will run the prior 5v5. CurrentPlusLastOfSameType will run the current, plus the prior 5v5 or 3v3 season as appropriate.
At the start of a new season, the last season is useful (especially in week 1 where there is no current data to view). By the 3rd or 4th week of the current season, that older data may be less useful.
The report shows the teams that the target regularly uses on offense/defense, how those teams perform, the average banners the get (or that their opponent gets against them), and the attack order (which can help you figure out what is in front, vs in back)
The report also shows the teams your opponent faced, so you can see what teams they may have trouble with. Or what teams they like to use to counter certain teams, so you can soak up counters for a trap in the back wall.
The report starts out with highly summarized information, then builds to more and more details. Some players find the details overwhelming, or not useful. Thats fine, you can still get good information out of the summary graphs. Other players want the additional drilldown data.
This report shows my GAC for the last season. This is 4 weeks (12 rounds) worth of data, all in one image. Don't worry, I will break down what the image means further in the post.
Defense Summary
The first section of the graph shows my defenses, averaged across the 12 rounds (4 weeks).
The bar heights show how many time each team leader was seen. Two caveats : If a team got multiple holds, it is counted multiple times. If a team was ignored, it is not counted at all, even though it was on defense.
From this graph you can easily see that I put QGJ and Revan on defense, and get multiple holds with them. I also put executor and executrix on defense, and get holds there as well. I also put my Lord Vader on Defense at least 4 times and got 1 hold with it. (It did not have the ult last season, so I am happy with this outcome).
The black line in the graph shows the average banners my opponents got versus these teams. You can see that I put a lot of trash teams on defense, that are countered with high banners.
The blue line in the graph shows the order the teams were attacked in, on average. Teams with low numbers, like Padme (2.7) or QGJ (3.9) are in one of the front two zones. Teams with a high number like Chirpa (9.3) or Nute (10.5) are probably in back. If a team is attacked multiple times (5th - 8th attack for example), multiple values are averaged in, which can skew things towards higher numbers.
Offense Summary
The next section shows the offense I use.
You can see that I generally keep a number of power teams of offense (Gas, JKR, BB, CLS, JMK), and use the two get2 fleets on offense. The most valuable bit of this graph, in my opinion, is the attack order (blue line). From here you can see which teams I like to use against the front wall, vs teams I tend to save for the back wall. By using this data, you can sometimes draw out counters versus your front wall, to leave a trap in your back wall.
Teams Faced Summary
The third graph is teams I faced (The teams of my opponents). This graph is sorted by average banners, instead of frequency. Teams to the left side of the graph I have more trouble with. Teams to the right side of the graph I defeat easily. (Fleets are sorted to the far right)
In my case this isn't showing you too much useful information, except that I generally don't have a lot of failures, and get between 58-66 banners most of the time. Notably I can clear every GL I've seen, QGJ, and executor.
Here is another example of this graph, that shows some more useful information.
In this person's graph, you can see that they have multiple failures vs KRU and GG, so consider putting them on defense. also, this person has trouble with Lord Vater, Traya, and JTR.
Omicrons, Attack Timing & Mod Comparison
The next section is small and easy to miss. It shows the opponent's Omicrons.
The next section shows attack timings.
From this graph you can see that this player generally attacked early this season, but did sometimes attack very late (pink). Of notable interest is the blue squares that start at 5 UTC for attacks 1-7, with a long delay for attacks 8-14, where they were waiting to see how efficient they had to be on the back-wall and ships.
The next section shows a mod speed comparison between yourself and the opponent, along with a variety of ways of calculating mod score. In this example the teal line has a fairly consistent secondary speed advantage on their mods.
Intermediate Detail Now the data starts moving into detailed tables, broken out by round. There is a column for each round.
At the top of this section, is opponent and results for each round. You can see I went 11-1, and the round I lost, I lost by 10 banners.
Just below that, you can see per round the defenses that I placed, and how they performed. In some weeks my opponents gave up early, so you can't see any of the defenses there. In other weeks, teams got multiple holds, so you can see that as well. In the end, this is the same data as the first graph in the report, just broken out by round. From here you can see that I consistently put Executor on defense every week, and consistently used Vader in the later weeks, but not at all in the earlier weeks. (I had not unlocked him yet for the first week). The colors here are the same as in the bar graphs, but there is also the legend on the left side of the table.
Each round's attacks are shown in order. Again, this can be used to infer squad placement. Teams attacked early must be in one of the front zones. Teams attacked late may be in the back zone. A team attacked after fleets is almost certainly in the back zone
Of particular note are teams which are bold, which are GLs (or executor). Non-GL leaders will ALSO be bolded if there is a GL on the team. (Bast/jkl led jml etc). Teams which were attacked with an undersized opponent are italicized.
Again you can see that I am putting down quite a few trash teams that get beat with high undersize banners, but I place enough hard teams that I either still win on efficiency, or my opponent cannot full clear me. (yay executor in Aurodium!)
In the live version, I only show the prior "defensive summary by round" table for defense, but the next release will include an "offensive summary by round" table as well.
In the HTML version of the report (Patreon only), each team is a link which will pop up the full team composition for that week, as well as mod data for the team. It is important to note that the mod data is what is current on .gg at the time the report is run, NOT what was locked for any given week of GAC. In this popup, you can see I run my Sith empire with a weak (g8) talon, but have DR, BSF, and Malak all above 300 speed, before Talon's unique is applied. I also run Malak at 120% tenacity.
Defense Detail
The next section is the defense detail breakdown. This shows each team composition per round, and performance. For free users, this section (and subsequent sections) are limited to the 3 most frequently seen teams on offense/defense. This is probably the most complicated/confusing section, so I will give a number of examples.
First off, my (weak) nightsisters.
You can see that I keep my comp consistent every week with nightsisters, and they are generally easily beat, with the exception of round 9, where someone tried to take an undersized dooku team against them and lost, then had to clean up with an undersize shaak team.
The green bars next to each character show the health/protection for that char after each battle. For battles in which the team was defeated on the first battle, no h/p are shown, because they would all be 0. Likewise, in cases where the attacker lost, no h/p are shown for that team because they would all be 0.
In this week, NS was beat by a 5 man palp team for full banners. (As can be seen both by the 65, and 5 full h/p bars)
In this week, the NS defeated the undersize (italics) Dooku team, with a dead Talzin, and very low health Daka. They were defeated by a 4 character shaak team in the second battle, which had full h/p
In this example my SE team got 4 holds, with marauder dying in the second battle. BSF almost died in the 3rd battle, but recovered quite a bit of h/p in the 4th. My weak talon managed to live through it all, allowing her unique to help out on all 4 battles.
In this example from someone else, you can see the team composition for both Rey and Vader changing from round to round.
Offense & Counter Detail The next section is similar, but showing offense details by round. I don't currently show the h/p bars in this section, but may include them if players would find them valuable. You can again easily see if team composition changes from round to round. You can also see what teams a player uses their given team for easily.
The final section is counters used. This is mostly the same data as the prior section, but organized by defensive leader instead of offensive leader. Between the two sets of data you can see the full team for both offense and defense for each of the players attacks. A request in the backlog will allow HTML users to quickly jump back and forth between the attack section and counter section for a given team.
Streams (newest to oldest)

Sneak Preview for upcoming features
Breaking out wins into high/med/low banner wins in the graphs. Still working on the color palate, and threshholds. The intent here is to show on offense/defense more information quickly about which teams are getting high vs low banners.
Breaking out leaders by stars. This is primarily targeted at Executor, but will apply to other leads as well (gas?). Since the difficulty of countering executor varies so much by star level, offense/defense is now broken out by stars. I will likely remove the "7" from full star teams, and just label ones that are less than 7. I will also be adding stars into the HTML "mods" popup shown above.
Offensive summary by round section, similar to the existing defense summary by round.
Future future features
I hope that you can see how Omegabot could help in your GAC scouting. If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop into the Omegabot discord and let us know!
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2022.01.17 13:02 wolfthatsparkles Check-out r/NoBuyDailyCheckIn

If you are thinking about doing a yearly or monthly Low/No Buy, then check-out NoBuyDailyCheckIn for accountability and taking it one day at a time.
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2022.01.17 13:02 cryptocalbot Chance To Win - Crust Shadow (CSM): January 19, 2022 7:02 AM UTC

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2022.01.17 13:02 peaceman94 People of developing countries, what are the problems which people from first world countries don't even think about?

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2022.01.17 13:02 adobeanon Lordi i Shqipëtarëve, Atleti i Krishtit.

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2022.01.17 13:02 QueeLinx End prison gerrymandering: Count people in Philly-run jails in their home districts | Opinion (PA) [paywall]

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2022.01.17 13:02 Lysandre_T1phereth05 Proof that Phantoms are all undead (as requested by Wilde_Fire )+ question

Is there any plans for in-deep settings? Like in this situation I would like to quickly change game's language
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